Romeo and Juliet Timeline of Events

Sunday Night: Romeo and Juliet meet at the Capulet's party

Monday Morning: Romeo and Juliet get married; Romeo kills Tybalt and Tybalt kills Mercutio

Monday Night: Romeo and Juliet spend the night together before Romeo is banished

Tuesday Early Morning: Romeo leaves for Mantua; Lord Capulet makes plans for Juliet to marry Paris Thursday

Tuesday Morning: Juliet is told that she must marry Paris on Thursday

Tuesday Afternoon: Juliet goes to Friar Laurences cell. Friar Laurence then makes a plan for her to drink a potion that will make her look dead so she can sneak away to Romeo; Friar Laurence sends a letter to Mantua to tell Romeo the plan

Tuesday Evening: Juliet drinks the potion

Wednesday Morning: The Capulets find Juliet "dead"

Thursday Afternoon: Romeo learns/believes that Juliet is dead; Romeo buys poison from the apothecary; Romeo leaves for Verona

Thursday Evening: Friar Laurence learns that the letter never got to Romeo, so he writes another one

Thursday Late Night-Friday Early Morning: Paris arrives at the tomb to bring flowers to Juliet; Romeo kills Paris; Romeo kills himself; Juliet wakes up and finds Romeo dead; Juliet kills herself; we learn Lady Montague had died of grief the night before; the Prince scolds the Montague and Capulet family, who then end their feud

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